Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beautiful McBaby!

And today...we got to see our precious baby! Everything looks perfect so far:) It was so fun to watch our baby kick and punch me...for now. The vote so far is 6 for Hayes and 4 for Piper. The ultrasound tech didn't write the gender down in the chart so no one will know until February!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Babies, Babies, and more Babies!

So sorry for the blogging delay. I have no good excuse. Just exhaustion.

I have so many things to update this week though! Hopefully the cute pictures I have will make up for it:) My nephew, Brady, turned 1 September 23rd! We were able to go to LA for his first birthday. It was so wonderful to be back home and see friends and family. Brady has grown so much! He is constantly moving and has started using quite the collection of consonants for communication. His speech therapist Aunt is so proud. Here are a few pictures from his birthday...
The weekend after Brady's birthday bash, our niece and my goddaughter, Landen, was baptized! She is growing too fast! I think she's almost ready for a weekend sleepover with Aunt Katie and Uncle Ryan. Almost.

And now for a baby update on baby McCormick. I will be 20 weeks on Monday! I had an appointment this past week and the doctor said that everything looks perfect so far. No, I do not have any belly pics yet. Sorry. Taking pictures of my expanding stomach is not on my list of priorities when I come home at the end of a long work day. We do have an announcement that will hopefully make everyone happy. We have officially chosen our names! If we are blessed with a baby boy, his name will be Hayes Patrick. And if God gives us a girl, her name will be Piper Lee! We won't be finding out the gender before...we haven't changed our minds:) But, we will be taking a poll! So cast your votes! Will we have a Piper, or a Hayes? You have until February!

We have an ultrasound scheduled on Thursday! Be looking for Hayes/Piper's latest picture!

Geaux Tigers and Go Irish!