Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Top 10!

1. Ry has been super busy painting all weekend. Our dining room is now a beautiful shade of Universal Gray and our guest bedroom is currently being transformed into Evening Shadow.

2. With all the painting, Hayes and I have gotten in lots of bonding time. He is growing so fast and learning so many new tricks! There is really never a dull moment.

3. The weekend was so beautiful...and we had lots of water fun. He is probably wondering if it was really necessary to photograph him watering the back patio with his current favorite toy....a watering can. Yes, Hayes. Yes it was.

4. These curls on the back of his head...are why I can't bear to cut his hair. I love them too much.

5. I made a roasted pork shoulder today. The house smelled like heaven all day. It was amazing. I will share the recipe later...from The Pioneer Woman of course.

6. Favorite summer tv show #1: SYTYCD. I have been a huge SYTYCD fan since day 1 and love watching the amazing dances that happen. I may or may not dance all over the house throughout the season.

7. Favorite summer tv show #2: Rookie Blue....think Grey's Anatomy, but with cops. I have been so excited about this season starting. I recommend watching Seasons 1 and 2 if you can, so you can get wrapped up in the love between Sam and Andy like I did. P.S., Sam is a boy, Andy is a girl. Those names are kinda confusing;)

8. A Home Goods recently opened in Beavercreek. If I thought Marshall's and TJMaxx were dangerous, then Home Goods is deadly. I found new bedding for our guest bedroom this past week, and I had to stop myself from buying 57 other things for our home.

9. I love fresh cut peonies. I don't love peony bushes. Go figure.

10. This Memorial Day, let's pray for all members of the military, active duty, retired, and those who lost their lives serving our country. Words can't express my gratitude for what they do for our country and our safety.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Top 10!

1. Hayes has been cutting 2 teeth this past week. Yay for us!

2. We have picked paint colors for our dining room and guest bedroom! Paint party, coming right up!

3. This weekend, I have finally completed my window frame turned jelewry hanger project! Of course I couldn't have done it without Ryan's help:)

4. This has been the most gorgeous weekend ever! It has been warm and sunny and perfect. We have had so much fun spending time outside. Hayes had lots of fun with his water table...even if most of the water ended up on him;)

5. With all the warm weather, I think it's time to switch Hayes into cooler pjs. I picked up some shorts/short sleeved shirt pjs for him this weekend....but I am really going to miss seeing him run around in his long sleeved/fitted pants pjs. Is there anything more adorable than a baby in pjs?

6. I am way behind on blogging recipes. I must catch up this week, or I may forget all of the delicious things I have made in the last few weeks.

7. Also coming this week, a Lia Sophia blog! I recently had a LS party where I earned a crazy amount of free jelewry. I love every single piece I got and I would love to share them with you! Perhaps I can show you my new pieces hanging on my new jelewry hanger...

8. I love Bridget Jones Diary. So glad Style network has had it playing all weekend.

9. This Thursday is going to be a big day. So You Think You Can Dance starts! I am so in love with this show and the amazing dancing that happens on it. Another show starts Thursday as well...Rookie Blue. I became obsessed with this show last summer. I can't even explain why, but I am so stinkin' excited about the new season.

10. This week, let's pray for the PKA fraternity at Louisiana Tech University. Their house burned down to the ground this weekend. No one was seriously injured, but the fraternity and the guys living in the house have lost everything. I have no doubt that they will receive everything they need from Louisiana Tech, the greek community, and PKA brothers across the country. This is still a devastating loss and they could use our prayers at this time.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Top 10!

1. We had a fun weekend in Delphos with family. Scott and Kristie are almost all moved in to their new house!

2. Hayes and Ryan got me a "H" necklace for Mother's Day. I've also been told that my new stove and Lia Sophia loot were all part of my Mother's Day gift. If that is the case, I made out pretty well. Of course all I really needed was a hug from my baby and a kiss from my hubby:)

3. Hayes made a flower pot full of Hayes hand-shaped flowers for me at daycare. How precious is that?

4. SNL and Will Ferrell.....great combination.

5. Pretty sure Hayes had a major growth spurt this week. So, Mommy had to order new shoes. I couldn't resist the baby boat shoes. Who can blame me?

6. I had so much fun making our Mother's Day cards this year on Shutterfly. Who doesn't love a card with a picture of a special baby on the front?

7. You know what's awkward? People who pick through your trash before it gets picked up. Just saying.

8. I am in need of new books to read. Help!

9. I think I might try zucchini pasta this week. It could be really great, or a whole lotta work. We will see!

10. Thank God for all of the Moms and thanks for all of the incredible women in my life!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Top 10!

1. So I'm a little behind on my Top 10s.

2. We had a crazy busy weekend. We had a last minute garage sale on Saturday. It wasn't a huge success, but we did make some money. That makes getting up early and sitting in my garage all day ALMOST worth it.

3. I had a Lia Sophia party yesterday! I had such a good time playing with jewelry with my girlfriends. We enjoyed Cinco De Mayo treats and drinks. I am working on my very long list of free jewelry I will be getting from Lia Sophia. Talk about good hostess benefits!

4. Hayes has turned into a crazy boy. He throws everything and is constantly testing our limits...unless he is taking his ridiculously long naps. Yep. He still sleep through supper sometimes. At least I have that.

5. I am ready for a fun Mother's Day weekend. It's hard to believe that last year was my first with Hayes. I'm sure he picked out his own Mother's Day card this year...

6. Hayes is ready for a new pair of shoes...actually we need a few pairs. Now that he plays outside so much, his shoes are so stinky and dirty every day. His TOMS have held up really well so far, so I am getting another pair of those. Any other shoe suggestions for a small child?

7. Part 1 of guest bedroom makeover is done....I sold the old bedding set in the garage sale! That means I HAVE to get new bedding...might as well get a new paint color to go with it;)

8. Because we like to keep life interesting, we had our new range delivered Saturday, in the middle of garage sale madness. I love it so much! I am really enjoying cooking on a flat top.

9. I made a delicious Sopapilla Cheesecake for the Lia Sophia party. It was easy and had my sister-in-law's two favorite ingredients...crescent rolls and cream cheese. I'll get the recipe up later this week!

10. Pray for military families. The sacrifice that families make for their loved ones in the military is huge and something we should appreciate.