Saturday, December 14, 2013

Meeting Santa

So Santa is not always well liked in our house. Hayes is not a fan of strangers...especially not strangers who sneak into your house at night. But he has been talking more about Santa, so we thought we would give this meeting Santa thing a try.

Our local Chick-fil-a had a Breakfast with Santa event this morning. I figured even if Hayes hated Santa and wanted nothing to do with him, we would at least get to have Chick-fil-a for breakfast.

Keller did not enjoy sitting in Santa's lap. Not shocking.

Hayes actually gave Santa a high five before we left. I was impressed. He was also quick to tell him "bye" as we left...ha! He didn't act super impressed by Santa while we were there, but he loves his picture now that we are home and far away from "Santa Cwause with long hair."

Winter Wonderland

Snow is stupid. Anyone who knows me, knows this is how I feel.

But...I do love the look on the boys' faces when they see snow, especially the first big snow of the winter. I snapped these pics while they were checking out the winter wonderland in our yard. I just took a few... ha.

Happy Birthday, Keller man!

Our little man turned 1...kinda hard to believe. This first year went by waaaay too fast.

In honor of Keller, we had a "Little Gentleman's Party" complete with bowties and a milk & cookies bar.

Ele Cake Co. outdid themselves as usual with some delicious treats and an adorable smash cake. Melanie, the graphic design genius who creates the wild ideas I come up with in my head, made these adorable cookie labels to match the party decor.

For party decor, I used framed pictures of Keller from around the house and the yarn letters from his room. Melanie created the super cute banner, the "Little Gentleman's Rules," and a silhouette print to complete the look.

Our guests each had a bowtie to wear from Prissy Fits on Etsy. Everyone also got a yummy bowtie cookie to take home from Cookie Barn on Etsy!

Keller loved his smash cake...pretty sure he was high on buttercream frosting afterward.

My awesome friend, Katie, made this "after party" shirt for Keller to wear...I love how it turned out!

As usual, I had lots of help making Keller's party perfect. I come up with lots of fancy ideas, but this busy mommy does not have time to get it all done. A huge thanks goes out to my vendors! Everything was perfect and all of you made putting this party together super easy!

Bowtie Cookies: Cookie Barn
Bowties: Prissy Fits
Cookies and Smash Cake: Ele Cake Company
Invites, banner, signage: Melanie Moffett @ Innovative Invitations
After party shirt: Katie Roberson

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