Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finally Fall...

Yes, I am way behind on blogging. My mom reminds me:) So here are some overdue pictures of my fall decorations!

I created these fun arrangements to place around the house. The pots came in a set from Southern Living.

This flower pot was painted with chalkboard paint. It usually holds our bread, but I love it with the gourds as a centerpiece!

I love these coffee filter wreaths! It was hard to get good lighting for this picture, but the ribbon is brown with gold trim. I have some red ribbon to hang them with for christmas! I got this idea from Lindsey's blog!

Now on to baby things. We are at week 25! The swollen ankle syndrome has begun. Apparantely it's to be expected when you spend 8-9 hours a day on your feet....It is still disturbing me. Here is an update on the vote so far! And no...I don't have a vote:)

My best friend, Brittany, sent me a fun surprise this week! A LSU maternity shirt! It's pretty cute:) I couldn't get a good picture that included the belly and the you just get the words for now. I'm sure at least one person will give me a hard time for this...

I have a few art projects on the docket. I am working on a framed fabric series for carpet room and a tree skirt. We are also finishing up our grapevine swag for the front door! I guess Ryan thought swag was only appropriate during Christmas. I see it as a year round decoration....I think once we finally get it up, it won't be moving anywhere. Ever. Like whoever buys this house from us, gets a grapevine swag.

Enjoy the week!

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  1. Love your coffee filter wreaths!! All your decorations are so cute, and of course you look beautiful!!