Sunday, February 27, 2011

H is for Handsome Hayes

Being a mommy is quite the adventure. I am learning to function on 2 hours of sleep at a time...which results in some amount of insanity. More than once, I have woken up cradling my body pillow and panicking when I couldn't find Hayes....who is always sleeping peacefully in his own bed. Even though I am more tired than I have ever been in my life, I still somehow have the energy to stare at my precious little man while he sleeps. I should take advantage of his naps and take my own, but he is just so cute!

I would like to say...Ryan gets Daddy of the Year award. He does such a wonderful job taking care of Hayes! And me...I tend to forget that part when I am caring for our child. This week, Hayes gets to meet his Nana and Pappy! I'm not sure who is more excited...Hayes or Nana and Pappy. I think Nana and Pappy:)

Here are a few new pictures of Handsome Hayes....


  1. Katie, he is handsome! I love it! (it makes me want to fast forward wedding and school just so I can have another LOL) The lack of sleep will continue. You just learn to function and it gets easier. I still love to watch Lily sleep. I still to this day look at her and say "Wow I made that!" Congrats again Katie Bell

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS.!!! Katie!!! I am an aweful, aweful friend! I have barely gotten on my computer lately, and somehow...I do not know how...but I missed that you had this ADORABLE little boy!!! Katie, he is absolutely precious, and I am SO super excited for you guys!! Love you and congratulations!!