Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Creative Surges

I recently had a burst of creative I created things! And of course, I want to share with all of you!

I have been wanting to create something to hang over Hayes's bed, but I wasn't sure what I wanted. When I finally created something in my head, I bought a canvas and went to work. I love how it turned out! The color in the middle matches the wall color. And I love the splash of green! Hayes likes it too:) He is a fan of the bright colors.

And on to the next art project...picture frames! I created these for a baby shower gift. A good friend of mine is pregnant with precious twin boys! Becoming pregnant has been a long and challenging journey for her and her husband. We became friends before we were both pregnant and I am so happy we are sharing this special time in our lives. The day she told me she was pregnant, I got goosebumps and burst into tears. I was very pregnant and a little hormonal...but I was so overwhelmed with happiness for this couple. They will be amazing parents to these boys and I can't wait to meet them! Whew, if I don't move on, I might get a little teary-eyed again. So, on to the first frame!

"We loved you before we knew you. Even when there was just the hope of you, we loved you."
This quote is one of my favorites. My Aunt Tami gave me a frame with this same quote on it when I had Hayes and I love it! Any mom will tell you, no statement has ever been more true.

And the second frame! My friend also has 2 stepsons, so I thought this would be a nice frame to include all of the boys.

I had so much fun making all of my art projects. I have toyed with the idea of doing more of these projects and selling them someone...but I am not brave enough. Oh...and I already have two full time jobs: mommy and speech therapist. So, for now I will just make them as gifts:)

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  1. Love all of your projects! Great job!! And, somehow I missed your post on your favorite baby items...crazy how many of those items we had/have too!! I am all about the Chicco travel system, aiden and anais blankets, the pack n play, medela, and we had to use the nipple shield at first, too! I was a little worried about it, but Anniston started latching correctly after a few weeks as well. I know not everyone should use them, and most shouldn't start out with them, but if it will help you be able to nurse at all, I say it's an amazing product!! Glad you are doing so well!