Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Fashions!

I'm sure many of you are thinking "Why the heck is Katie doing a post on fashion?" Sure, it's never been a passion of mine. I have always preferred the classics and don't usually strive for starting trends. However, I do believe in always putting your best self forward. We are all always advertising for ourselves. You never know when you will meet your future husband, wife, best friend, employer, etc. While it is not fair to judge people based on looks alone...first impressions mean a lot! Hmm....random soapbox moment. The purpose of this post is actually to show off a fun new dress I got today and show some other pieces I hope to accumulate soon.

Item #1: Must have summer dress!
This dress came from I got it on sale! It came in today and I couldn't wait to try it on. I love it!!!! It is a wee bit on the short side....but I'm only 26. I can still wear "a wee bit short" dresses, right? I am still debating on shoe color and jewelry options. I will be paying a visit to DSW soon for a shoe search...

Item #2: Classic summer shorts
These shorts are also available at to be where I do most of my shopping these days. I don't have these yet, but I plan to get a pair soon! I like the shorts with the ribbon tie around the waist...but I feel like those limit your choices for tops. These shorts can easily be dressed up with a cute top and wedges, or dressed down with a simple shirt and flips. They come in a variety of colors, there is a red pair I have my eye on.

Item #3: Classic summer shoes!
I love shoes...but I don't indulge this love often. I work in a healthcare setting and wear my nike shoes everyday. I just can't justify collecting shoes to only wear on weekends. I love these sandals. The simple Gladiator style is perfect for sundresses or shorts this summer. Find these on Piperlime!

Item #4: Ahhh peep-toe!
I just want these shoes. Most of my heels are closed toe and I could use more peep toe for the summer! I love the neutral color as well. It means I can add color in with fun jewelry! I found these on Piperlime as well.

Item #5: A little bit of back home...
Mignon Faget is a special line of jewelry inspired by and made in Louisiana. I love this pelican charm! I really enjoy bringing Louisiana to Ohio every chance I get.

How cute is this graphic? Sweet Hayes has a onesie with this design screenprinted on it from Drea. Another little piece of my heritage! She found it at Storyville on Magazine Street in good ol' New Orleans.

So I must share another new interest of mine...a fantastic blog I discovered. The Blue Eyed Bride and I have a lot in common. We both have sweet baby boys named Hayes. We both went to La Tech. We are both members of the Greek system. And we both have size 10 feet....I'm not a stalker, I read it on her blog:) She writes about being a mommy, a wife, a southern girl, and a lover of event planning and home decor. Sounds like my kind of blog!

This weekend...a 4 month photo shoot! Hopefully my sweet baby gets over his cold by then...

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  1. Awesome dress!! And, those peep toe I love Erin's blog, too! (Like how I made it sound like I know her? ha I remember her from school but that's about all. :)) Glad you're doing well!