Thursday, August 18, 2011

6 months old...

Today, my baby boy is 6 months old. That's half a year! I can't even believe he has been here for that long. He is growing up so fast...too fast.

We had fun with our 6 month photo shoot this weekend. How handsome is he?

When he gets older, he better wear a shirt with his ties...

Hayes has been sitting up by himself for about a month now. It's amazing how strong he is and how much he scoots and rolls everywhere.

He gets better and better everyday and manipulating toys with those precious little fingers. Luckily, he still loves to hold my finger with those precious little fingers.

This kid has beautiful, big, blue eyes that melt my heart. I mean really...look at those puppies.

He is becoming quite the mama's boy. Oh darn:)

He is a champ at eating vegetables. He has yet to make a funny face when trying something new. So far, we have mastered carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, and peas!

Hayes Patrick, it has been an amazing 6 months. Now stop growing so fast.

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