Wednesday, April 4, 2012

24-Day Challenge Wrap Up!

And the 24 day challenge is done! Final numbers are....

Weight lost: 6 lbs!
Inches lost: 13.5!

I must admit, I did not follow it as strictly as I could have. The last week, I did not use the meal replacement shakes, but I was eating healthy meals all the time. I also slacked off a little on exercising...thanks Hunger Games. I am still so happy with my results.

This program has really helped kick start a new way of life for our family. Our eating habits are so much healthier (most of the time). We are also exercising on a more regular basis. I am glad we are making these changes now while Hayes is still tiny. I want him to grow up with a great example for healthy eating and exercise.

I am excited to see where this new lifestyle takes us! Coming up later...a fun, healthy recipe for garbanzo burgers!

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