Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top 10...

1. What a busy weekend. I think it needed more days in it.

2. We purchased 1600 lbs of porcelain tile from Home Depot for our flooring project. Somehow, we made it home with all 1600 lbs at once and no damage to the car. Talk about a miracle.

3. I was so going to take before pictures, but Ryan has already scraped off the old kitchen floor. He is just too fast for me.

4. We have a super sick toddler. I am hoping it's just a stomach virus...it is not fun to see my baby this sick.

5. Hayes has officially started using his first 2-word phrase..."Don't bite." It comes complete with a finger shaking in your face. Wonder where he got that from....

6. I'm going to say it again. Rookie Blue. Obsessed. Seriously. And yes, I will probably mention it each week. Deal with it.

7. Ryan informed me tonight that he has lost 13 lbs since March when I started revamping our menu for a healthier option. You're welcome, honey. Now stop rubbing your easy weight loss in my face.

8. I'm counting on Pinterest to help me with my dining room re-do. Now the big question is, white curtains or brown curtains...

9. We had a fun dinner party this weekend with our neighbors...one of them was Hayes's best friend, Oliver. Hayes loves "Olla" and it was fun to watch the two of them run around the yard using golf clubs as swords...or walking sticks. It was kinda hard to tell. Regardless, they are two super cute blondies.

10. Pray for good health for all this week!

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