Sunday, July 15, 2012

A tired Top 10

1. We spent the weekend at Deer Creek State Park with approximately 40 of Ryan's family members. It was wonderful to see people who we don't get to see often. Now I need a couple of days of sleep to catch up...

2. I found this blog the other day...She has some pretty nice suggestions for making it through a pregnancy without buying many maternity clothes. I typically think most maternity clothes are pretty awful. Not enough companies make them so there really isn't much variety. I hope this helps me keep my maternity clothes purchases to a minimum. And I hope it keeps me from buying tents...

3. My crazy little "saster" has a birthday today! I hope she enjoys herself on the beach with her hubby during their kid-free vacation!

4. I'm too tired to even think about a menu for this week. Maybe I'll get around to it tomorrow. Maybe.

5. It is so strange to me how much my belly size can fluctuate throughout the day. Often, looking in the mirror can be a shock for me...

6. I am still planning on posting pictures of our new flooring. Just waiting on my hubby to put the baseboards back in...

7. I introduced my non-pregnant neighbor to prenatal pilates this week. I don't think she was expecting to sweat so much during a workout for preggos.

8. I am so ready for football season. Or am I just ready for baseball to be over?

9. I love that so many of Ryan's family members have small children like me. I also love that two of them have due dates close to mine. It makes for a fun support system.

10. Pray for Lucy as she has surgery tomorrow! I have been following this blog for a while now and my heart goes out to this family and their little fighter!

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