Monday, September 3, 2012

Top 10!

1. Happy Labor Day! It's been a rainy one in Ohio...but the grass is happy!

2. We took a family trip to Ikea this weekend. One of our purchases was a soft tool set for Hayes. Once we got home, he immediately started hammering away on the baseboards, baby gates, couch, time out stool...etc. I know I've said it before...but 110% boy:)

3. Other cute things Hayes learned this weekend: how to shake hands, how to say yellow, blue, and Irish, and how to roar like a tiger.

4. Lately, our range has been tripping the breaker everytime we turn the oven on. This happens multiple times during pre-heating. It wasn't doing this until recently. I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating this is. We don't even know who to call, electrician or range manufacturer....or a therapist to help deal with my rapidly declining sanity.

5. I am currently making stuffed bell peppers for supper. If the oven cooperates long enough to cook them and we get to eat them...I will share the recipe:)

6. I keep finding these adorable family with newborn pictures on Pinterest that I NEED once baby is here. Question is, who is going to take these? Why must all of my photographically talented friends and family members live so far away?

7. I recently discovered ASOS, a clothing website. I have found a couple of cute maternity pieces on sale...and the prices aren't too bad. I am planning on doing a maternity fashion post soon...I will share my finds:)

8. Just realized I never did my preggo update post last week. Probably because the pictures I had Ryan take did not turn out all. We will keep trying this week!

9. I am so happy football season is back! The Irish and Tigers had a great first weekend. We had jambalya, of course. It only seemed right.

10. Pray for those affected by Hurricane Isaac. Many people have lost everything due to flooding and need prayers as well as supplies.

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