Monday, October 8, 2012

Top 10

1. Day home for Mommy and Hayes thanks to a double ear infection and a nasty cold for one little boy. I am taking advantage of nap time to catch up on my blogging...

2. I'm having a baby in 2 months. Holy cow.

3. Speaking of having a baby...I could go for a really good cookie right now. Or a brownie. But, I don't have those things in my home. And I have a sleeping toddler. Which means I will just continue to think about those tasty treats. And maybe send my hubby a text suggesting a stop on the way home.

4. Speaking of tasty treats, if you are ever in Dayton you must go to Dorothy Lane Market and get a killer brownie. You must. Field trip after nap? Maybe...

5. Cold weather snuck up way too fast on us. Hayes needs a hat and I am having trouble finding one...or at least one that I like.

6. I am sooooo proud of the Irish and my La Tech Bulldogs! They are both having such great seasons!! LSU, I'm disappointed. You can't always be the best, but you could always give 110% in the game. Just saying...

7. Leggings and yoga pants. Cardigans and sweaters. Boots and cute flats. These are things I could not live without in my maternity wardrobe.

8. Christmas is almost here! Well, it feels like it when you are trying to finish up Christmas shopping before giving birth. I am toying with the idea of doing a Christmas gift idea post. Because I have sooo much free time these days to research fun gift ideas.

9. There are so many people who like to comment on a pregnant woman's size. Every day I am amazed that I didn't punch someone who felt the need to tell me how HUGE I am and how they just can't believe how far away my due date is. Seriously. I think I deserve rewards for being polite despite the raging hormones and emotional roller coaster my body is currently going through. That being said, I think it is quite the accomplishment that I can still wear my wedding rings comfortably and my ankles are normal size at 31 weeks. So there, pregnant women haters. I hope you are asking God for forgiveness every night for the things you say to women carrying the future of our country. Wow, that wasn't dramatic AT ALL.

10. Um, pray for my raging hormones...

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  1. My husband's grandmother makes and sells hats. She has a few listed here on Etsy but she has a ton of others and can make most anything you want.