Sunday, November 11, 2012

Top 10

1. Welcome, week 36. Now hurry and get out of the way so we can get this baby full-term and ready to make his or her arrival!

2. Hayes acts like a pinball in a pinball machine. I imagine a treadmill would provide him with hours of entertainment.

3. I made some amazing banana pudding this weekend and I will share the recipe later. I gave some to Hayes, and he refused to eat it! Like...freaked out while refusing to eat it! Crazy kid.

4. I did NOT buy cookie crisp at the store this weekend. I may have bet a co-worker I could go the rest of the pregnancy without buying more. Let's face it, inhaling two bowls of cookie crisp every night is not really the healthiest way to finish out this pregnancy.

5. I. Love. Ikea. What do I love more than Ikea? A fun girls trip to Ikea. God has blessed me with some great friends in Ohio:)

6. Hayes had haircut #3 this weekend. Still not a fan of haircuts.

7. Is it just me, or does a Wendy's medium drink seem really, really large?

8. Sports shows annoy the tar out of me. Especially ones that keep making guesses about the outcome of the seasons before the season is over. Why don't we just wait and see what the real outcome is? Seriously, I can only handle so much "what if" football talk.

9. Congrats to Ryan's cousin, Katie! Her wedding to Kemmon was on Friday. We are sad we couldn't be there to celebrate, but have heard it was a beautiful evening!

10. Pray for a special family member who had an accident today. I hope he starts feeling better soon!!

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  1. Oh my word! Me & Ben were just talking about the size of a Wendy's medium drink yesterday!!! I guess they're trying to catch up with Whataburger!!!