Friday, January 18, 2013

DIY Christmas...

Yes, I know Christmas is way over. But, I made these fun Christmas decorations and just had to share them!

My inspiration for these came from this fun blog. Making these was so easy! I found some clip art images I liked, enlarged, printed, and cut them out and traced them onto my canvas. Using a q-tip, I spread glue inside the shape and then carefully filled in my glitter. I LOVE the way they turned out!

I saw a picture on Pinterest of a similar canvas and knew I wanted to re-create it. I found a fun font to use for this verse and printed it out in varying sizes. Using a pencil, I colored over the back of the words. I placed the words on the canvas and traced over the top of the letters. It was kinda hard to see my pencil tracing with the silver paint background, so I ended up free-handing most of it. I filled in the words with a Sharpie paint pen and voila!

Christmas is now officially over in McCormick blog land. Until next year! Or, later this year...

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