Sunday, January 13, 2013

Top 10

1. I started watching Parenthood on demand this week. Cried during every single episode. Every. single. one. And even though I cried, I love this show and can't stop watching.

2. So all of these "That moment when..." status updates...annoy me. Finish the sentence! My grammar isn't always perfect on here, I prefer to think I write like I am talking to you and that means grammar isn't always a priority. But, "That moment when..." That moment when what?! What about that moment? Ugh! Finish the statement, please!!

3. Championship game was sad. I wish Notre Dame would have played like they did all season. I have been a SEC girl since the day I was born...BUT...I was really annoyed by the cocky SEC comments on facebook. They aren't the only football conference, annoying facebook people.

4. I have a feeling I might be stepping on some "facebook toes" in this Top 10. Oh well. Feeling a little feisty today. It's my blog. Best place I can think of to voice my opinions.

5. My 3 boys mean the world to me. I love spending time with them and wouldn't trade that for anything in the whole world...even when things get chaotic. But. Taking a hot shower is one of my most favorite things I do every day. It's become my "me time."

6. My 5 week old baby is already moving into 3-6 month clothes. Those 0-3 month suckers are already getting too short. And I already need to move the car seat straps up a level...once again, tall baby. Stop growing so fast!

7. In response to #6, my sweet little precious tiny adorable baby just filled his diaper. And not with pee. Being a mommy is glamorous.

8. If you are looking for a really nice hotel to stay in, you probably shouldn't choose one of the Relax Inns. Just a thought. I'm pretty sure it's actually considered a motel, not hotel. Although they have very prompt cleaning service.

9. Only one person in the whole wide world will get #8.

10. Praying for health during this gross winter weather. Our house has been taken over by runny noses.

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  1. Re: #6 - my little chunk is right at 15 lb now! INSANE!!!