Sunday, February 24, 2013

Top 10...back again!

1. Finally making a Top 10 comeback. It's hard to find computer time on a Sunday night when all I really want to do is absolutely nothing.

2. Some big changes happened after maternity leave, including a job change. I wasn't expecting it to happen as fast as it did, but God handled the details and I am not one to question Him! It was a bittersweet change, but I am so thankful for my new job with a great company and plenty of work for me to do!

3. Before I started back to work, I started doing a workout program every day. Now that I'm working...a lot...there is no time to work out! I am getting super frustrated with this lack of time for fitness, but am determined to find a way to make time for it. My big goal is to start running regularly. Wish me luck!

4. Hayes is hilarious. And mischievous. And defiant. And loving. And adorable. Toddlers are so exhausting. He loves to "help" wash the dishes, "fix" things around the house with his tools, and punt his soccer ball. I wouldn't have it any other way.

5. Keller man is rapidly growing. He has already outgrown some of his 3-6 month pants and those onesies won't fit for much longer. Oh, and he's not even 3 months old yet! Seriously? I guess it's ok because all of Hayes' 6-12 month clothes are for winter weather. But still, stop trying to catch up with your brother, please.

6. We got a new entertainment center from Ikea this weekend! It is assembled and looks wonderful! Much better than the desk our tv was sitting on...

7. My two favorite songs right now are Adorn by Miguel and Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips. Just in case you were wondering.

8. Made some old school tuna noodle casserole tonight. It was wonderful comfort food and Hayes had lots of fun helping me assemble it.

9. Whatever happened to Jessica Simpson's music career? You know, I once went to 3 Wal-Marts in one night with a friend in search of her newest CD. True story. Fun night:)

10. Lots of prayers needed tonight. A high school friend lost her father suddenly this weekend and her family could use lots of prayers and good thoughts sent their way. A former co-worker's husband started chemo this last week and will continue chemo for the next 6 months. They are a busy family with 3 little ones and could also use our prayers and positive thoughts.

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