Saturday, November 23, 2013


Hayes has two loves in this world...his two stuffed dogs. Up until recently, both were named "Dog." Now we have "Charwie" and "Dog." Of course Dog was originally a gift for Keller from Memaw, but good luck convincing Hayes of that.

The other night after Hayes had gone to bed, I heard him wailing. This is so unlike him, so I went running, worried he had hurt himself. I burst into his room and Hayes was holding Dog in one hand, and Dog's ear in the other. Big fat tears were running down his cheeks as his told me Dog's ear had fallen off. I was trying so hard not to smile in front of it weird that his heartbreak was adorable? He nearly killed me when he said "Mommy I need a tissue" and began wiping his sweet little cheeks.

Thank goodness for our adopted family in town. Mrs. Sharon came to our rescue and we cannot thank her enough!!

Hayes and Dog's reunion made me tear up. Hayes kept whispering "I missed you so much! I wove you Doggie!" Hayes was also elated that Dog now has his own dog bone! Most of these pictures are blurry because he kept jumping up and down with excitement.

So glad this boy and his dog have been reunited.

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