Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Ya'll" vs. "You all"

I was pretty productive today. I went to the Social Security Office (for the 2nd time) to apply for my new card. I got a library card and my first library book from the Centerville Library. And, I decided to declare myself wedding planner for my dear friend, Drea. Drea recently became famous with my new family at our wedding. A discussion was had about Ohio vs. Louisiana accents. Drea discovered she could only say "you all" if she was singing in opera voice. Go figure. She also taught my family a dance referred to as the "skeeter," which resulted in Kristie being covered in welps. When I heard these stories the day after our wedding, I wasn't surprised. It's so Drea. Very random and unique, while still keeping it classy....and a little violent.

Drea has been engaged since September.....and the wedding plans have been slow. Today I decided to start bossing Drea around, but only for her happiness:) Her goal....to book a venue and set her wedding date by February 1st. Good luck, Drea! I think this wedding will be quite the adventure for myself, and the bride, of course. I loved planning my own wedding. I felt like it was very "us." It's hard to find words to describe Drea and Mat, but if their wedding is very "them" it will be a beautiful, crazy, unforgettable evening. And I am so up for the challenge of forcing Drea to make decisions. FYI, Drea is an amazing artist and happens to have a blog also:)

By the way, I am currently reading Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult. Very good so far! Ryan talked about reading today...one step closer. Although, it's probably hard for him to concentrate with all of the bowl games on:) Our dinner tonight...not fancy. White chicken chili made from McCormick's seasoning mix. Keepin' it simple at the McCormick house tonight.

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