Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Project...

So I had an amazing idea today....and I owe it all to one of my patients. This little guy has some eating difficulties, mostly aversions to textures. The family struggles to find things he will eat. I started making suggestions of things they could prepare, and then puree for him. That's when it came to me....my brilliant idea. A cookbook. But not just any cookbook. One with meals that can be easily altered to be small child friendly. Ok, it may not be the most brilliant idea I've ever had, but I think it could turn into something fantastic. Not only would it work for children with texture aversions or babies who aren't ready for solids foods, it would also work for adults/geriatrics who have oral difficulties with food! Um....can you tell I have many patients who have swallowing difficulties?

I think food is a huge part of life, much larger than most people realize. And I'm not just talking about eating food. I'm talking about planning meals for you and your family, grocery shopping, preparing food, and mealtime. I will never forget my first dysphagia lecture in grad school. My professor, Dr. Boult, opened with a song from Sesame Street called "Everybody Eats"...and it's so true! So I think everyone already knows that I love to cook. I guess this food passion of mine is larger than I realized:) I think it needs a different name though...sounds like I'm just obsessed with stuffing my face. How about a passion for culinary socialization...or there's no place like the kitchen.....or, to quote Big Bird, "Everybody Eats!"

Oh my, this is going to keep my brain pretty busy.


  1. if you need illustrations for this lil book of yours.... let me know!!!

  2. This project sounds like fun!! I love you and your passion for cooking and the kids you work with! I don't know how much help I would be, but let me know if you need anything!!

  3. This is awesome, Katie! I can definitely tell you have a passion for cooking/food/kids, and I think this is something you don't need to ignore! I'm behind you all the way!!!