Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To my husband...

So my wonderful husband, Ryan, had a birthday this weekend. I had planned on doing a post on his birthday about our story...but a stomach virus got in the way:( So I will do it tonight!

I guess I should start this story with how I ended up in Ohio. When I was finishing up Grad School, I started searching for jobs on the internet. I somehow reached the conclusion that I would move anywhere, as long as I found the job I wanted...which was working as a speech therapist in a hospital with adults and pediatrics. That job presented itself in Springfield, Ohio. So, after graduation, I packed up everything and moved to Ohio. The first friends I made in Ohio were Ashlea, Nicole, and Amy. Ashlea lived across from me and we met when I went over looking for a drill. Nicole worked at the apartment complex we all lived in and Amy was hired at the hospital around the same time I was. The four of us started a tradition the summer I moved to Ohio...Ladies Night! We would go to a local Mexican restaurant, then move the party back to the apartment complex. One particular night, Ashlea's boyfriend...soon to be husband...decided to bring some friends over. One of those friends happened to be Ryan...and the rest was history!

We exchanged numbers that night and spend the next week texting. This is a particularly entertaining detail because Ryan did not have a texting plan at that time:) We hung out again the next weekend and were pretty much inseparable from that point on. Our official first date was actually a double date with Matt and Ashlea at an Italian restaurant. I don't know if I even remember our first actual date though....Our dates consisted of us cooking dinner for each other at our apartments. It was a great way to fall in love. For those of you wondering...Ryan was the first to drop the "L" bomb....but I was quick to follow. We admitted that we were scared at how fast it happened, but we wouldn't change a thing! Being in love has been better than I ever thought it would be and I am so excited about the adventures we have ahead of us!

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  1. LOVE this story! Happy Birthday to your hubs!!