Saturday, June 12, 2010

Best Friends

I have been so blessed in my life to have so many people I can refer to as "best friends." Now some may have mixed feelings about this. How can you have more than 1 BEST friend? It's definitely possible. Just look at my wedding pictures:) Here is a fun fact...I had 12 bridesmaids. That's right. 12. Why you ask? Because I am lucky enough to have that many people in my life who I consider to be so special to me. I can't really explain this strange phenomenon...I just embrace it.

Today's post will be about one of my my best friends, Lauren. Lauren is one of my co-workers at the hospital. We met when she started almost 2 years ago. When we first started working together, we noticed that we had very similar styles as therapists and I suppose that is what started our friendship. One day I was going through a little bit of a rough patch and spilled all the gory details to Lauren. I think we were both surprised at the super personal details I felt comfortable enough to share with her. And our friendship grew from there. Lauren's friendship is so valuable to me because it is so comforting to have a friend who you know will never judge you or think differently of you, regardless of what comes out of your mouth. We are able to laugh at ourselves and each other together. If one of us does something to upset the other one, we actually will talk about it that same day. I will say, this is a very strange component to a female friendship. Friday was my last day working at the hospital. While I am so excited about the new journey waiting for me at my new job, I will miss seeing my friend so often. Thank goodness we both have Verizon or our husbands might be upset with the cell phone bills...

When I discovered the Pioneer Woman, I shared her wealth of recipes with Lauren. And now...Lauren is becoming a devoted follower as well! On my last day at work, Lauren gave me the most awesome gift ever...The Pioneer Woman cookbook!!! I love love love cookbooks and this one is quickly becoming my favorite! Later this week I am going to try out her Creamy Rosemary Potatoes...

So Lauren..thanks for making work so much fun. Thanks for sharing the "cute" patients and laughing with me over the "crazy" patients. Thanks for being the voice of reason when I lost my mind. And thanks for losing your mind too so I don't feel like the crazy one:) I'll never forget "Billy Girl" and her "dadders." I'm pretty sure having to complete a swallow eval around crazed family members and in between BMs and visits from the neurologist will always be on my list of Top 5 memories at SRMC. And while people may think you are someone's daughter, you have the wisdom of a 102 year old:) And thanks for the cookbook...I've already read it through 3 times:)

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