Friday, January 7, 2011

I think I'm pulling a Kristin...

So here is a fun story about my sister, Kristin. When she was pregnant with Brady, she actually had a different name picked out for essentially her entire pregnancy. Once she found out it was a boy, the name they came up with was Cass Grayson. We called that baby boy Cass for the rest of her pregnancy. A few weeks before her due date, she started doubting her name choice. And...we all know the rest of the story. Brady was born, not Cass. It actually took Kristin and Jared a while to decide on a name once Brady arrived.

So...I tell that story to tell this story...I think I'm pulling a Kristin. I'm starting to worry that once our baby is born, the name we have picked out won't feel right. So I tell that story to say this...who knows if we will have a Hayes or a Piper. We could have a Bernard or a Helga instead. Ok, those names are obviously not options:) I just want to back myself out of the nice little name corner I have created and leave the name choice open to other options.

And now the suspense has grown! Not only will the gender be a surprise...but the name will be too! Maybe. Or maybe not. Ahh...the joys of hormones:) 7 weeks to go!!!


  1. Helga and Bernard... Nice! Hahaha!

  2. Hahahahaha! You always crack me up...I love your hormones! They make you funny :) And seeing how hard you worked for Hayes Patrick...I'm hoping we stick with it lol!