Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baked Macaroni!

Tonight...a fun recipe. And this one is low sodium! I found it on the Mayo Clinic's website in my search for food less likely to make my feet swell to twice their normal size.

Baked Macaroni

14 oz whole wheat pasta (I use tastes the least like cardboard)
1 lb extra lean beef
1 onion, choppped
2 jars low sodium spaghetti sauce (The "heart smart" kind usually has the least sodium)
Parmesan cheese

Preheat the oven to 350. Cook your pasta according to package directions. Drain and set aside.
Cook the beef and onion together and drain the fat. Add the pasta and spaghetti sauce to the meat and onion mixture. Mix together and pour in a greased dish. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until warm and bubbly. Top with parmesan cheese!

And we have reached week 34! Is it possible to stretch anymore? I know it is...I just don't want it to happen. Ryan and I have been "nesting" lately. My nesting consists more of crafting. I recently mass produced burpies and bibs. I will try to get pictures of the super cute bibs up this week. I know Ryan loved how I took over the living room for most of this project. Next on the agenda...applique.

We have been watching DIY network like crazy lately. It seems to have had quite the impact on Ryan...he started re-doing our laundry room. It is without a doubt the ugliest room in our house. Today, Ryan ripped out the awful floor, cleared the shelves, took the doors off the hinges for a re-do, and prepped the walls for painting. Should be fun to see how that turns out:) I'll try to get a picture before the painting so you can see how awful it is and appreciate this last trimester renovation even more. So our "nesting" seems to consist of creating and renovating...not cleaning. Well...we clean as we make messes creating and renovating.

Ryan has been quite the trooper through this entire pregnancy...but especially these last few weeks. I seem to be more prone to panic attacks over silly things and he has learned to avoid telling me to "calm down." That phrase always has the opposite effect on me. People say the most insane things to pregnant women. It makes me worry that I said the same things before but I know I won't make those mistakes again. Let me just woman ever likes to hear comments about her weight or appearance...especially when she is pregnant and her hormones are on speed. Pregnant women...especially first time pregnant women...don't like to hear other people's horror stories. We are paranoid enough, don't give us more reason to be. Unwarranted advice is really not needed. is ALWAYS okay to tell a pregnant woman how cute she is. She would much rather hear that instead of hearing how huge she is or how she is going to pop any day or how she has bad taste in names or how she has silly ideas about labor and delivery or how huge she is, etc, etc, etc...Just a thought:) I seem to have trouble keeping those to myself these days...

On to happier things, I have a baby shower this weekend! I am so is a Mardi Gras party! I love that my Ohio friends are putting so much effort into planning a party perfect for a Louisiana girl. I promise to bring my camera so I can get lots of pictures.

More life is filled with pregnant friends! 7 to be exact. Most of these pregnancies are brand new, so pray for a safe first trimester. 2 of these friends are expecting twins! That is 9 babies in far:) Another college friend is in the process of adopting and will hopefully have a beautiful 2 year old girl in her arms in the upcoming months. The miracle of life seems to be abundant these days!

Ok...time to publish this post. I think I have written enough for one night. Have a great week!

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  1. How fun that your friends are throwing you a Mardi Gras shower!! That is too sweet. And, I have no doubt whatsoever that you are SUPER cute pregnant! Love you!