Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bloggy love...and a fun giveaway!

I have been in such a bloggy mood lately. I am discovering so many amazing blogs that I love reading! I decided to start showing some love for these blogs. Instead of including all of them in one post, I think I will spotlight one a week...and I already know which one gets my spotlight this week.

In this wonderful life...

This blog is the story of Megan and Brent and their journey of parenthood. Last year, they gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Cohen. Cohen had a congenital heart defect and fought on earth for 12 days before going to be with God. Their story will make you cry...but it will also change your life. I think so many people take the miracle of getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and having a healthy baby for granted. Our journey to becoming parents was filled with some heartache and we were so grateful for my pregnancy with Hayes. I knew I was happy that he was healthy, but Cohen's story has taken that gratitude to a whole new level. I urge everyone to read about sweet Cohen...but only if you have tissues nearby. Being a mom makes her story so special to me. Megan and Brent are expecting twins in September and I have never been so happy for two people I have never met. Brent and Megan are working on a donation to Children's in Texas in memory of Cohen. You can read about it here. I hope she sets up a donation site soon so I can help with this project!

Also on Megan's blog this week, she is hosting a fun giveaway! Check it out hereTwo Little Lovelies has some super adorable stuff! I don't think I can get anything for Hayes, but I do have a niece turning 1 in August and a niece being born in August!

I know I said I would only spotlight one blog a week, but I have to mention one more. The Martin Family Times is written by Lindsey, a friend from elementary school. Lindsey and Stan have a beautiful daughter who was also born with a congenital heart defect. Anniston has overcome so much in her life and continues to do amazing things. I love reading about the milestones she reaches! These blogs have raised my awareness of CHD. My prayers are with these families affected by CHD and the doctors working to fix the broken hearts!

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  1. This post alone made me teary-eyed :). Thank you so much for your sweet words...definitely a blessing to learn not to take one moment for granted. :) And, I LOVE Megan's blog, too. They have done such a good job of remembering and honoring Cohen's life through what I can only imagine is an incredibly difficult journey. SO excited about their new pregnancy, too! Love you, friend :)...and I am so proud of the amazing mother you are :).