Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bloggy Love and Shrimp Love!

Time for my bloggy love shout out! This week I am giving kudos to 1 blogger...with 2 blogs! I went to college with this blogger's husband and I am so happy that connection led me to her blogs! Rachel is a new mommy, event planner, crafter, vegetarian, and the list goes on! Bliss Events by Rachel is a blog dedicated to Rachel's event planning business...which includes weddings! I loved planning my wedding. I kinda wish we could get married again each year so I could plan more. Her blog is a great source of inspiration for not only weddings, but parties, gifts, and decor as well. The Leafy Green is Rachel's other fun blog! In this blog, she posts fun updates on her adorable baby girl, pictures of her home decor, restaurant reviews in the Baton Rouge area, green products used in her home, and amazing vegetarian recipes! Our house is not meat free, but I love her recipes! They are all so fresh and light and healthy!

Check out these fun blogs, you won't be disappointed!

I have blogged about this recipe before...Shrimp Pasta in a foil package. It is a Pioneer Woman recipe and here is the link. I am so in love with this meal. It is super easy, makes tons of food for yummy leftovers, and has a great flavor. Everyone should try it out!

Hayes hopes that everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July!

By the way...used the word "blog" 11...well now 12 times in this post. Is it possible to use that word too much?

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  1. Did not realize you knew Rachel! She is helping me with my day-of stuff for the wedding. Miss you!