Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blog Spotlight...Team Tabby!

This week, I will be spotlighting a very special blog. It is a blog powered by CaringBridge. CaringBridge allows people facing significant health challenges to share their journey with friends and family through a free website. The CaringBridge page that has become close to my heart is this one, Team Tabby.

I went to school with Tabby from Kindergarten through 12th grade. We had lots of classes together over the years. Funny story...we were pretty special kids in elementary school. Tabby and I were in the Gifted and Talented program together. A few of us in this program created small imaginary friends who we would make up stories about. I can't believe I am admitting this to the blogging world...but all kids do silly things, right? Maybe we were just soooo smart that we had extra brain power not being we honed our imagination. That's the story I will stick with. In high school, Tabby and I were on yearbook staff together. many fun memories. We didn't create imaginary friends then, but we did drool over the baseball team. Tabby is now a Sports Writer for the newspaper in our home town. I occasionally read her articles online...she is quite the sports wiz.

Tabby was recently diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer...or chiquita as she is now calling it. The C word doesn't deserve to be used so often. It is so amazing and inspiring and humbling to read Tabby's blog about this journey. First of all...she is a great writer. Second of all...her attitude is amazing. I know she won't always have good days, but I appreciate how she is "keeping it real." She uses lots of sports analogies to describe her journey which I is very fitting for her. Team Tabby is growing in numbers everyday and Tabby has a great team on her side to beat down this opponent. Chemo starts on August 3 and she will be done in November. She is in my prayers and I hope you will add her to your prayers as well. Team Tabby!!!


  1. Oh wow, Katie, I had no idea...I just read her site, and it is so amazing and inspiring. Thank you for sharing about this so that I can be on the team praying for Tabby, too :) And girl, I guess I was left out of the imaginary friend thing...should I be sad about that?? ha