Sunday, November 6, 2011

Adventures in baby food...

Being a parent is the best job I have ever had. And the most complicated. And, it seems to change every day. The most challenging part of this for me has been eating. Food. Mealtimes. How much do I feed him? How often do I feed him? When do I increase food? When do I add new foods? Ahhh! Being in charge of a growing baby's nutrition is so stressful. I had toyed with the idea of making our own baby food, but we have been using Gerber since he started solid foods. He has been showing more interest in all foods and feeding himself. His gross motor skills have also been improving, so I think we are ready to make the transition into chunkier foods. I also think now is a great time to start making more of Hayes's food. My hope is that I will be able to make Hayes's meals from our meals. But, I don't want to make my goals too overwhelming at first. I am starting off with making either one veggie or one fruit a day this week. I chose carrots and bananas for week one. I will start sharing my baby food recipes on here. My hope is that I will create a great collection for me in the future, that I will be able to help others in their baby food journey, and that other moms will have great suggestions for me too!

Mashed Carrots!

I used a double broiler with a steamer insert to steam my carrots. Once they were tender, I mushed them with a fork. I added some cinnamon for flavor and done! Hayes LOVED them!

I'm so excited about this new journey in parenting!

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