Sunday, January 29, 2012

DIY Storage Baskets

This project has been on the docket for far too long. We have a great shelf in "wood floor" room from Ikea. It has lots of cubby holes and I picked it out for the purpose of storing toys in cute baskets. I was having a problem with the cute baskets part though. I found plenty, but they were kinda pricey. Then...Pinterest saved the day. I saw a project where a lady had created fabric covers for diaper boxes and turned them into storage baskets. The whole sewing fabric covers sounded a little advanced for me, but I thought I could handle covering them another way. I started saving our diaper boxes and had the girls at daycare set some aside for me as well. I got fun scrapbook paper and contact paper and went to work.

Here is the before...

And here is the after!

It was so simple. I used double-sided tape to cover the box in scrap book paper. I then covered the whole box in contact paper and added a fun bow. Ryan thinks the big bow is a little girly. I love it. But I am sure Hayes will un-tie it as soon as he realizes he can. My next step will be to make a fun bowtie to replace the girly bow with.

Here it is on the shelf! This project was super easy and super cheap compared to store-bought baskets.

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