Sunday, January 22, 2012

Top 10!

I often have lots of random thoughts to share. So I am starting a new post series...Top 10. Here is the first Top 10 post!

1. Hayes just realized he can walk from one room to another and now wanders all over the house like a tiny drunk robot.

2. I just finished a banner for Hayes's first birthday. Next, using cardboard to make some more fun decorations. Can't believe his bday is so soon!

3. I recently got a new lens for my camera. I am very out of practice with manually focusing, but I am loving the pictures I am getting so far! Here is the lens...50mm f/1.8.

4. I have now been to my first Lia Sophia party...and I'm hooked. I haven't always been a jewelry girl, but I am starting to enjoy accessorizing more. I'm having a Lia Sophia Cinco de Mayo party...get ready girls!

5. My go-to invitation girl and friend, Melanie, is working on bday invites and vday cards for Hayes. They look amazing so far! I'm so glad I have an "invitation girl."

6. I want a Cricut...or some machine like it. I now have a really long list of things I would do with it. That means it's ok to buy it, right? Or does it go against my "simplify" plan?

7. I never knew how happy a pair of boots could make me, until I bought a pair a few months ago. I love planning outfits around my boots.

8. We watched the Justin Bieber Never Say Never movie last night. I really do adore that kiddo. And I don't really know why I don't have his cd downloaded yet...

9. I made Hayes some yummy Broccoli Cheese nuggets. He loves them...and so do I. It's a good mommy and baby snack.

10. I have been thinking about Courtney a lot lately. I know her heart is broken and I can't even imagine her pain. I'm also glad to know that Tripp is in heaven and no longer in pain. I encourage everyone to read her story. It will inspire you and make you realize how much we all have to be thankful for. Courtney and Tripp can teach us all about true faith.

Hope your week is fantastic!

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  1. Fun new series!! So, I'm hoping that we can set up a date to try out your new camera lens. We seem to be playing phone tag... I'll try again later!