Friday, February 3, 2012

Cobb Salad Love

I love a good salad. I don't typically love them during the winter. This winter has been anything but typical. The sun and "warm" temps have made me crave salads. So, we made a veggie run and enjoyed amazing salads tonight. I didn't take a picture of my beautiful creation. We were too busy feeding and bathing Hayes while making and eating our salads. I think this would classify as a easy weeknight meal!

Katie's Cobb Salad

fresh green lettuce
fresh tomato
hard boiled eggs
feta cheese crumbles
ranch dressing

Now here is where it gets complicated. Listen carefully:)

 I mashed up some of my avocado and mixed it in with my ranch. I tossed my lettuce in the dressing first and then added all the "toppings." I prefer doing it this way because my lettuce gets coated in dressing. It was delicious and filling!

Choose a night when you feel like doing little to no cooking to enjoy your own cobb salad!

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