Sunday, February 5, 2012

Top 10!

1. It has been a rough week for my baby. Ear infection still raging, diagnosed with "hand, foot, mouth" disease (a no-fun virus with a rash and fever), and cut 4 teeth. Sweet Hayes needs to feel better soon! Someone has a birthday coming up...

2. Speaking of Hayes, I made him a meatloaf with ground turkey, bell pepper, celery, bread crumbs, and egg. Yum!

3. My cricut came in and I have already created amazing things with it. My focus right now is on Hayes's birthday party, but I can't wait to create pretties for my home!

4. Anyone watch "Reba"...the tv show? Remember the man who played her ex-husband? He looks an awfully lot like NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. Google it.

5. My sister has a new blog. Pampers & Polaroids. She's only two posts in, but it is already very entertaining. She is quite the budding photographer.

6. The party favors for Hayes's party came in this week as did the invites! Is my baby really turning 1 on the 17th?

7. I love Baby Gap. You know what I love even more? Buying Baby Gap on sale. It's hard to find  boys clothes that are cute and good quality. Every time I get him a new piece from Baby Gap for super cheap, I feel like I have won a prize.

8. 3 words. TOMS Ballet Flats.

9. I love my job. But. If we became millionaires, I would quit my job and have babies. Lots of them. That would be my job. And I would love it.

10. I think our safety is something we can sometimes take for granted. Let's all pray this week for those who protect our safety, and for those who have their safety compromised.

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