Thursday, February 9, 2012

Never too old to need your mom...

This has been such a long week....or two weeks I guess. Last week, we had a sick Hayes. This week, Mommy is sick. It appears that Hayes shared his virus with me and I have been battling a crazy high fever since Tuesday. When I was driving myself to the doctor on Tuesday, I found myself wishing my mom was here to drive me to the doctor. I have a great husband who has taken over fixing supper and doing everything for Hayes. I have been able to focus on beating the fever and getting better (and sneaking to work when I can get away with it.) Even with a great husband, it still would be nice to have someone who only has to look after me this week.

Moral of the story: You are never too old to need your mom!

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  1. A few weeks after I had Eleanor, the delivering nurse made a follow-up call. She asked how I felt emotionally, and even though I really did feel good, when she asked I started crying and said I just want my Mom. She is a medical professional and she said it was completely normal!