Sunday, February 12, 2012

Top 10

1. Hayes is all better. Gave his little virus to Mommy. Mommy is almost better. Whew.

2. Making dog bone pretzels. Get excited:)

3. My baby is turning 1 Friday. I'm already getting teary thinking about it.

4. My friend, Leah, posted about words she doesn't want her kids saying. I cringe at the thought of my child saying "butt" and "suck" along with other obvious words. Mommy and Daddy better make sure they are setting a good example.

5. I really really really want a real king cake. From New Orleans. I don't think it's gonna happen.

6. My bestest friend since 5th grade is getting married in like 3 weeks. I can't wait! Party time in Baton Rouge!

7. I was driving to work today and "Crossroads" came on the radio...followed by "Peaches and Cream." Nice.

8. I don't think Ry and I are exchanging Valentine's gifts this year. I say "think" because we haven't really talked about it. Last year, we celebrated Vday late due to the arrival of the cutest baby ever. Maybe we will do that again this year.

9. Finally watched The Help last night. I didn't cry. Maybe because I was also making high chair decorations for the big party this weekend so I wasn't totally focused on the movie. Movie was was better!

10. Pray for a special family member of mine who injured herself this weekend. You know who you are and I hope you feel better fast!

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