Sunday, February 26, 2012

Top 10

1. My child whistled this morning, on purpose. I can't even whistle. My. kid. is. a. genius.

2. Bradley Cooper. Lose the mustache. Please. Thanks.

3. Got a fancy pair of shoes today for a special wedding this weekend! I can't wait to see Brittany in all her bridal glory!

4. Big week for Hayes. He started using a "big boy" sippee cup. He started drinking cow's milk. He hasn't used a paci at bedtime at all this week. He is growing up so fast!

5. I made another fun cricut project this week! I can't wait to share pictures! That machine is just too much fun.

6. Got some new makeup this week. Matte Mousse by Maybelline. I didn't even know matte was an option for makeup. I love all things matte. Matte pictures. Matte paint. And now, matte makeup.

7. My parents celebrated the big 30th wedding anniversary this past week! I am so thankful to have such a wonderful example of marriage in my life. My dad also turned 40 this week. So weird that he was 10 when he got married, right? ;)

8. Almost bought a blazer today, but I couldn't find a fit/style that I loved. I am so on the hunt for one now.

9. I'm not very good at wearing lipstick. I am a lipgloss girl. But I feel I need to wear lipstick this weekend. Now what shade should I pick? Ahhh.....too many options. I need a lipstick consultant.

10. This week, let's pray for dementia awareness to spread across this country like a wildfire. For caregivers to truly know all of their options. For facilities and communities who offer dementia care to strive to offer the highest standard of care. For people to stop thinking so negatively about this disease and see the true potential someone with dementia has.


  1. MAC's Viva Glam V is the most perfect lipstick shade ever!!! I have some and you are more than welcome to use it!

  2. 1. Your kid is a genius!
    2. Thank you for telling Bradley Cooper to lose the mustache:)

  3. Lip stick...true red! go big or go home right? it would look foxy!

    Also, loved your dementia post!