Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jogging Stroller!

My shiny, new jogging stroller came in today! I had Ryan put it together right away and then took Hayes out for a run while he mowed.
Um....ouch. I haven't gone running in about 4 years. Running was tough. I felt like I had been smoking for 50 years. But it did feel good to get started again. No time like the present, right!

So, back to the important stuff, the jogging stroller! I loved it! Here is the one I ended up ordering...

I did a lot of research and review reading. Did you know some jogging strollers cost like $600! So crazy! This price is one of the more reasonable ones, without being the cheapest. I ended up choosing it for the swivel wheel feature. Some jogging strollers come with a fixed front wheel. This stroller has a swivel wheel with the option of locking it. It makes steering around all the turns in my neighborhood easier. From what I read, it would be good to lock for some "off-roading." It is easy to lose control of the stroller in bumpy terrain when the front wheel is not locked. So when I go running up a wooded mountain, I will be good to go:)

The stroller was so smooth and easy to push while I was "running" today. Holding onto the bar with both hands and jogging was awkward, but it was really easy to steer while holding on with one hand.

Hayes was super comfortable in his new ride. So comfortable, in fact, that he slept most of the time.

The sun shade is easily adjustable so that I could keep Hayes shaded at all times. The straps and seat angle are easy to adjust as well.

I know this is only my first journey with this stroller, but I loved it! I am so happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this stroller!

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