Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Top 10!

1. Ry has been super busy painting all weekend. Our dining room is now a beautiful shade of Universal Gray and our guest bedroom is currently being transformed into Evening Shadow.

2. With all the painting, Hayes and I have gotten in lots of bonding time. He is growing so fast and learning so many new tricks! There is really never a dull moment.

3. The weekend was so beautiful...and we had lots of water fun. He is probably wondering if it was really necessary to photograph him watering the back patio with his current favorite toy....a watering can. Yes, Hayes. Yes it was.

4. These curls on the back of his head...are why I can't bear to cut his hair. I love them too much.

5. I made a roasted pork shoulder today. The house smelled like heaven all day. It was amazing. I will share the recipe later...from The Pioneer Woman of course.

6. Favorite summer tv show #1: SYTYCD. I have been a huge SYTYCD fan since day 1 and love watching the amazing dances that happen. I may or may not dance all over the house throughout the season.

7. Favorite summer tv show #2: Rookie Blue....think Grey's Anatomy, but with cops. I have been so excited about this season starting. I recommend watching Seasons 1 and 2 if you can, so you can get wrapped up in the love between Sam and Andy like I did. P.S., Sam is a boy, Andy is a girl. Those names are kinda confusing;)

8. A Home Goods recently opened in Beavercreek. If I thought Marshall's and TJMaxx were dangerous, then Home Goods is deadly. I found new bedding for our guest bedroom this past week, and I had to stop myself from buying 57 other things for our home.

9. I love fresh cut peonies. I don't love peony bushes. Go figure.

10. This Memorial Day, let's pray for all members of the military, active duty, retired, and those who lost their lives serving our country. Words can't express my gratitude for what they do for our country and our safety.

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