Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Haircut

It finally happened. Hayes had a real haircut. No more curls on the back of his head. No more surfer bangs. No more hair hanging over his ears.

He was this serious the whole time. He let out a few cries, but never cracked a smile.

The place we went was so cute! Each station had a cute "seat" shaped like a car, pony, etc. Each station also had a small tv with cartoons playing.

The girl who cut his hair went super fast. I think she was done in under 3 minutes. That is a good skill to have when cutting a small child's hair. I survived without any tears of my own, by the way. Pretty proud of myself...


  1. Wow!! What a little heartbreaker! I can't believe how serious he is!! It's almost comical lol! Where did you take him? We've been cutting Nolin's at home because I'm not sure he would behave but if he got to sit in a CAR?! That may change his mind :)

  2. A memorable milestone captured with awesome pictures! My favorite part is the new {km} logo!