Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meet the baby!

We had a chance to get a peek at McBaby #2 this week and our little one looks perfect! Hayes came along and was quite entertaining during the ultrasound with his "baby" comments and his sweet hugs for mommy. Here is a picture of baby...

And here is something fun...a picture of Hayes from his ultrasound.

 It may not be obvious to others, but Hayes and his sibling look very similar in these profile shots. We are so ok with that...seeing as how we think that Hayes is the cutest child ever.

No gender reveals were made during the ultrasound. Hayes was the only one checking out the screen when the ultrasound tech was measuring in that area...and I have a feeling he won't be letting any secrets slip.

It's hard to believe that I'm already 23 weeks. 2 more weeks and we are in the third and final trimester! I have an excellent list of baby supplies needed...I have not made excellent progress on purchasing those things yet.

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