Sunday, August 12, 2012

Top 10!

1. Sorry. I took a few weeks off from my Top 10 posts. My brain needed rest due to a pregnancy, an energizer bunny of a toddler, and a busy work schedule.

2. Tonight I finally made Eggplant Parmesan after talking about it for 3 weeks. It was delicious! I will share the recipe later tonight after the energizer bunny goes to bed.

3. I love watching Property Brothers on HGTV. It makes me want to to run out a buy a fixer-upper...but only if they are around to help me re-do it.

4. Last weekend was full of birthday parties. We celebrated with Brady and Evan for their first birthday and with Landen for her second birthday! That means that my baby will be 2 in 6 months. Ahhhh!!!!!

5. Speaking of Landen, how cute is my niece?

6. Speaking of cute kids and miracles, how cute are Hayes and Landen sitting next to each other, smiling, and kinda looking at the camera?

7. I know we aren't sharing names for our baby...but I will share what I have been thinking for room colors. The baby room is already painted grey with lots of white and a little yellow. If we have a girl, I'm going for coral accents. A baby boy will get navy accents. I am quickly becoming obsessed with navy and coral...

8. Hayes has a few new words to add to his collection this week: apple, happy, and arm. He has quite the vocab collection going...

9. I have been a reading fool lately. I think it's my way of unwinding after crazy days at work. Recent read include The Mind Readers and The Mind Thieves. These are both e-books only, but are really good! I also just finished The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. I love his books, but after reading a few, you feel like you've read them all. I haven't read one of his books in a long time, so this was a really good read for me.

10. A prayer request update: A few weeks ago I mentioned my friend whose husband was recently diagnosed with leukemia. His testing came back with the best possible results for the type of leukemia he has. He is now waiting on some biopsy results to see how effective the chemo has been so far before a more concrete plan is put into place. Keep praying for this growing family!

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  1. #10 - It's beatable! Trust me ;) Mom had the worst type (her mom passed away from it) and she beat it!

    #8 - I'm excited to hear chatty little man...even more excited to hear 3 chatty little men's conversations! ;)