Sunday, October 14, 2012

Top 10!

1. I had such a wonderful time at my diaper shower today. I can't believe how close we are to McBaby arriving!

2. Speaking of McBaby, here is a fun picture. I am 32 weeks pregnant with Hayes on the left and McBaby #2 on the right...I think McBaby #2 looks a little higher in this picture.

3. I made these fun caramel apple treats for my hostesses today. They were easy to assemble, super cute, and tasty. I added heath bits to the caramel dip in the jar for a not so healthy way to eat apples.

4. Football thoughts: Go Irish! And please don't end anymore games in such a stressful manner. Geaux Tigers! Way to show up for a game and play hard! And of course, Go Bulldogs! Even though it wasn't a win, the bulldogs left everything on the field and came so close to beating the Aggies. I am so proud of the bulldogs!!!

5. We get one more sneak peek at McBaby tomorrow before the big day. I can't wait to see how much this little one has grown!

6. It is getting pretty hard to get comfortable these days. Last night, Ryan was determined to help and ended up creating an arrangement involving the couch and 2 ottomans in an attempt to make me more comfortable. Thank goodness for husbands:)

7. About 3 years ago, I said I would like to paint the brick around our fire place. Ryan acted like I wanted to replace all of our interior lights with black lights and open our house as a night club on weekends when I made that suggestion. Yesterday, Ryan said he wants to paint the brick around our fireplace. Novel idea, honey;)

8. Happy happy birthday to my partner in crime, Terra!! I am so glad to have you as a partner in our crusade for dementia awareness and would have lost my mind long ago if not for you! I hope today has been super special, you deserve it!

9. We had crock pot lasagna tonight. It was good, but I think we could make it better. Once I tweak my recipe, I will share:)

10. Tonight's prayer request is for a college friend's mom. Her mother has battled cancer in the past and it has returned. She also had a fall Thursday resulting in a head injury. Please pray for this strong woman who has already overcome so much in her life as she recovers from these hurdles. Pray for her family during this time as well.

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