Sunday, October 21, 2012

Top 10!...or 9

1. What a weekend! There were lots of great football victories...Notre Dame, La Tech, LSU, and ULM! All of the victories made it a happy weekend in the McCormick house;)

2. Ryan and I had a semi-nesting weekend. Ryan went on a crazy bathroom cleaning spree and I went on a crazy closet clean out spree. We really know how to have a good time here...

3. Want to know how to make a mommy's heart melt? Put daddy's hat on. Seriously. My heart was in a puddle on the floor when he walked into the kitchen like this.

4. Had an ultrasound on Monday. McBaby is adorable, of course. Also, McBaby is large. Like 70th percentile large. Yay for me!

5. I've decided to skip fall decorations this year and put Christmas out early. I know I won't be decorating after this baby is born. Might as well get it up before, right?

6. I found this clever idea on Pinterest...toddler friendly halloween treats! Fill clear goody bags with Trix cereal, tie with fun ribbon, and add a "Trix or Treat" tag. I made mine using a free font from DaFont printed on scrapbook paper. Easy, cheap, and perfect for tiny people.

7. I'm finishing up my Christmas gift post. I am lacking in the gifts for men department...

8. My brain is empty.

9. I am still in major need of prayer for some stressful situations in my life...

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  1. Okay, he is precious!! Loving the recent pics, and I keep meaning to tell you that your maternity pics are look so beautiful. Loving the trix idea, too.

    Will definitely be praying for you, friend :).