Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hayes attended his first Halloween party this week at daycare. There were fun Halloween games in the different rooms. Hayes really enjoyed "pumpkin bowling," although he was more concerned with re-stacking the pins than he was with knocking them down. He was not so much a fan of the witch reading Halloween stories. That lip popped out and started quivering pretty much immediately. He also didn't like the other kids in scary costumes... Oh well. Maybe next year will be less scary for him;)

For his costume this year, I decided on a football player. Anyone who knows Hayes knows he loves throwing pretty much anything he gets his hands on. Ball was his first word, so football player seemed appropriate. My mom made his jersey. For those not from Delphos, OH, I'll let you in a few fun facts about his jersey. The colors are the same as his daddy's high school, Delphos St. John's. And of course daddy's football number was also #4.

He made it very challenging to get any pictures of him actually playing with his football...this was pretty much the best "action" shot I was able to get.

He was pretty skeptical of the black stickers. I'm glad he left them on though. They made him look like a serious, tiny athlete:)

Happy Halloween from Hayes!

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