Sunday, January 20, 2013

Top 10!

1. Hayes likes to walk around the house saying "hot toffee" while holding a cup and blowing on it. So stinkin' cute.

2. Hayes calls ketchup "dip it." Also cute. Not cute, when he eats ketchup with a spoon.

3. Ryan attempted to cut Hayes's hair last night. Let's just say that no one had fun during that adventure...

4. Ryan's cousin, Hilary, came over today with her hubby and adorable son, Greyson, for a visit. It was so great to see family. Keller is almost the same size as Greyson...and almost 5 months younger.

5. I feel like I need to start coupon-ing. But, you know what I've noticed? The foods I buy don't have coupons! I try to cook healthy, and I have not discovered a source of coupons for healthy foods...

6. Speaking of bargain hunting, I went on a diaper bargain hunt this weekend. I ended up at Babies R Us where they had gift card offers. With their specials, I got $20 off two large cases of diapers, $10 off a 30 pack of toilet paper, and $5 off a case of wipes. Of course the savings were applied to a BRU gift card, but that will certainly be needed for baby supplies in the future. Pretty pumped about those savings!

7. Due to the death of a tv, we had to re-arrange tvs in our house, leaving the area above our fireplace/mantle empty. I went to Home Goods and found the most beautiful, huge canvas to hang above the fireplace. Next up, giving the brick a white wash finish and creating a new look for our mantle. We should probably do some research on DIY network...

8. My Natalie and her hubby, Adam, found out they are expecting a baby boy!!!! Baby boy Verhalen will be here in June and I can't wait to meet the little sweetie! I feel like I'm going to be an Aunt again! And yes, I meant to say "my Natalie." Friend isn't enough of a descriptive term for our relationship.

9. Well, it's Mardi Gras season. If you go to a ball, watch out for the Valentin-is. They will get you. Also, asparagus tastes wonderful dipped in Cane's sauce. Trust me.

10. Keep praying for my babies. This crazy weather is keeping our house in sniffle mode and I am hoping it doesn't lead to worse!

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