Saturday, January 19, 2013

Brotherly Love

Hayes loves his brother. He will grab a pillow for his lap and snuggle in next to us on the couch so he can "hol de bebe." So of course, we place Keller in his lap, and Hayes's face lights up. I need to try to get those sweet moments on video where he says "hi, baby, hi" and gives Keller sweet kisses. While starting supper, I overheard Hayes asking to "hol de bebe" so I grabbed my camera and got a few sweet shots of these boys that melt my heart every stinkin' day.

Keller, meet Elmo. Elmo, this is Keller.

Sweet kiss, complete with lip smacking sound.

Not really sure why his hand must be on his head during brother bonding time...


I hope they always love each other this much...

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  1. They will be best friends...The best is yet to come :)