Saturday, March 9, 2013

Instagram Obsessed

Ready for cute pictures? 

We got Hayes a potty chair to start getting him interested in potty training. Turns out he's more interested in wearing it on his head. He kept saying "No Mommy! No picture!" Yeah right, Hayes. You know better than that.

 Hayes loves tummy time...way more than Keller does.

Loves to help "wash the dishes." 

This picture pretty much sums Hayes up...

Sweet Keller is 3 months old!

Lean on me...when you're not strong (enough to sit up by yourself.) Just make sure you don't steal my cheerios.

Winter wonderland.

Kicked back after a long day of throwing balls and sitting in timeout for it at daycare...

Of course this is what usually happens when I try to take a picture.

Mommy's snuggle buddy.

Seriously. That face. I want to eat him, he's so cute.

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week! We celebrated with a cookie date at our favorite bakery. They made these super cute monster cookie sandwiches.

Don't worry. He finished the whole thing.

My house has turned into a boys' club...but mommy is still the boss;)

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