Sunday, March 10, 2013

Top 10

1. I finally ordered a small armchair for Hayes...and he loves it! So do I! I won't wait so long to order one for Keller.

2. I love my Shutterfly app. It makes uploading and ordering my fun Instagram pics super easy. They have also sent me fun promo codes for app use only!

3. Went shopping this weekend for some upcoming wedding festivities. Trying on clothes 3 months after giving birth is not fun. Also, shopping for clothes right before Easter is not easy. Most options were spring colors, and that is not the look I was going for. I did find something I am actually really happy with...thanks to another purchase...

4. Spanx. I bought spanx. Nothing motivates you to work out like shopping in the supportive undergarment section.

5. Hayes has been singing "Ring around the rosie" this evening. But he keeps singing the "ashes, ashes" part over and over. And he doesn't always pronounce the "sh" very well...

6. Keller's 3 month post is in the works and will be up soon...I promise.

7. So breastfeeding is going really well with Keller. So well that I am making way more milk than I need. Our freezer is overflowing with breastmilk right now and I am pretty excited about my plans for it. I am going to make a donation to the Mother's Milk Bank of Ohio. They provide human breast milk to those in need, specifically premature or ill infants whose mothers cannot provide them with milk.

8. I have trouble with lunches. I need good, healthy lunches that are easy to eat in the car and don't need refrigerated.

9. We ate catfish from City BBQ this weekend...and it was quite tasty!

10. Sometimes, there are people in your life who are so important, you can't even use the word "friend" to describe them. I am lucky enough to have several people like this in my life. One of them needs prayers as she waits to hear results from some tests she has had over the last few days. Pray for peace and calm for her and her family and the people taking care of her.

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