Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fish Tacos!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Mexican food. Like seriously love it. Like, could eat it every day love it. This is a delicious and healthy Mexican inspired meal that we love! Paula Deen also inspired me, but I left out the deep-frying of  ingredients...

{Fish Tacos}

Fish (duh) 
corn tortillas
slaw mix
lime juice
salt, pepper, and other seasonings you prefer

Pick your fish. I chose frozen catfish filets. Catfish because it's yummy, frozen because it's convenient. Season however you prefer and cook, I baked mine. 

For my slaw, I chose a broccoli carrot slaw that was pre-made. Mix in some honey, lime juice, salt and pepper, and let it chill while the fish cook. 

If you make your Remoulade dressing ahead of time, it will taste even more amazing. I blogged about my favorite recipe here.

Once the fish is done, you are ready to assemble! Cut your fish into strips or chunks. Put your fish, slaw and dressing in your corn tortillas. I prefer to start with a layer of dressing, add fish, and top it off with slaw and fresh avocado. We ate our tacos with black beans. Delicious! And fairly easy to make!

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