Sunday, July 6, 2014

Top 10

1. Ready for a real life story? This cutie got his first haircut this weekend. It was during his bath and I did it while chasing his wiggly little self around the tub.

And during that haircut, his brother was puking in the toilet next to us. Seriously. It was a little crowded with me, my scissors, a naked and wet Keller yelling no, no, Ryan and a puking about family togetherness.

2. Speaking of puking during haircuts...Hayes had his first non-screaming haircut!!! Praise. Jesus.

3. The boys had a good first week at the new daycare! Hayes thinks his "new friends' house" is pretty cool because it has a "tower" on top. (New friends' house is in a church with a pretty, white steeple) I love how his brain works.

4. Mom and I had a mini shopping spree. Thanks to Loft, I now have some new grown up clothes in my wardrobe. Finding clothes that aren't too short, tight, cropped, or see through is kinda hard these days...

5. I went to River Market in Monroe this weekend with mom. It was such a pretty day and fun to check out local vendors!

6.'s starting to sound like we did a lot of shopping this past week....

7. We stopped by the Mr. P's Tees booth at River Market. Keller man made it on their blog!! If you haven't checked their tees out, you really should. The designs are so southern and unique! And the shirts are crazy comfortable.

8. I discovered a new music crush. Erick Baker. Check him out if you like sweet, husky, soulful man voice...

9. Amazon Prime is amazing. We already know this. But did you know that Amazon Prime now has a music library?!?! You should check it out....there is TONS of free music!!

10. Pray for bravery. And patience.

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