Sunday, July 13, 2014

Top 10!

1. We had a family jam session in the car today, complete with pretend microphones. Hayes would sing each line after us. My favorite? When we sang "you are the best thing" and Hayes would sing "you are the best fang!!" Kids.

2. I am still doing lots of part time speech work, no full time. But I am having so much fun with my Rodan & Fields business!! I am grateful for the extra time to devote to growing my side business into something more!

3. Speaking of growing much fun would it be to start a party planning business? Who wants to be my guinea pig????

4. We ate at Nonna's in Monroe for my birthday dinner. It was amazing. Seriously. Just ask Ryan about the rabbit.

5. I have an obsession with navy. And stripes.

6. I also have an obsession with buying local. Anyone with birthdays coming up should expect some locally made goodies!

7. Keller met Marleigh this weekend. Marleigh, a super cute little baby, belongs to my bestie Brittany. Keller was so in love with her. It was pretty precious...although I was slightly worried for Marleigh's safety a few times...he doesn't have the gentle concept down yet.

8. Hayes is developing quite the southern twang. It only comes out on certain words or in certain short phrases. And it is so exaggerated. And hilarious.

9. We took the boys to a zoo for the first time this weekend. Hayes' attention span made for a quick trip through. Each animal/exhibit got about 2.5 seconds of his attention before moving on to the next. He gives ESPN way more of his attention...

10. Pray for quietness and peace in our soul. Pray for the mindset to let God do his job and concentrate on listening to him instead of wasting our energy trying to control everything...and everyone. So thankful for this message in church this morning!! It was needed in the midst of our chaotic life.

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